We Are Cat Machine

We are extraterrestrial cats cutting crystal stones for artists,  jewelers, wholesalers and all stone collectors. Our galactic gems  from our crystal planet are created with cosmic energy. Our one-of-a-kind cuts have earned us our spot as the leading, youngest talent in the gem-cutting industry today.

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We have our own jewelry line that is inspired by our own characters that come from a crystal planet. We also provide a service to custom cut gems for other jewelry makers/artists. And lastly, we supply preformed cuts and crystals.

Our 3 main products/services :

Our own personal line of jewelry

Custom cutting service

Crystal supplier


At Cat Machine we cut and polish everything here in the USA. The turnaround time is much faster than other companies who send their materials to South or Central America or other countries to be cut. Our service time is 2 weeks or less, depending on the size of the order. The gem cutting industry/lapidary arts is an aged industry that hasn’t evolved much. Nowadays, there are a few younger gem cutters but, in general, it is still pretty archaic. We like to think of ourselves as young and innovative. We bring a totally new style with lots of options for young designers instead of the same old styles you would see at gem shows. Our extraterrestrial cats from our crystal planet are continuously learning the latest cutting methods and developing the newest styles. 😉


Let’s connect! Reach out to us with any questions and our team will be in touch asap.

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