We are ancient extraterrestrial cats (The original kitties from the WesternHemisphere of space). With our astronomical cosmology we create crystal designs for all to enjoy. We put out series of Crystal Jewelry and art pieces in small collections. Each piece is paw cut by extraterrestrial cats bringing a never before seen style to the lapidary/gem cutting arts. We have been cutting stones for thousands of years and our ancestors are responsible for building the Great Pyramid of Cholula, earth’s largest pyramid. We have thousands of years of experience in human time.


Welcome to the world of Cat Machine Gems! We are happy to welcome you into our world of galactic magic and euphoria. You are now guardian of a Cat Machine crystal! Congratulations! This is huge! Every second in our lives we are making decisions and choices that take us to different destinations. Sometimes when we are in transit to our destination we run into issues. When you have Cat Machine with you these issues can be easy to battle. Our gems are tools to help assist the guardian of the gem in every moment they are in transition from one second to the next all the days of their lives.

Guardian rules/crystal care:

Protect your crystal as you would your newborn child. Your crystal is your responsibility and if you drop it and give it brain damage it can not be repaired. Love your crystal and nurture it! Let it sleep in a nice space. Look over it like a hawk so that no one may take it from you and always check in with it to let it know you are there. Your crystal only becomes activated and powerful when it is properly nourished. Its activated magic grows stronger by the amount of love and respect it receives from its guardian. Once you and your crystal become in sync you will know it and you can achieve your goals together in this world and the next.

Crystal Imperfections:

Crystals are natural rock formations made by nature. They are not perfect. Crystals can chip, crack and break very easily if you are not careful. A crystal is not damaged just because it may have scratches, chips or cracks. These are all natural elements of nature’s gift to us. At Cat Machine, we do our best to cut and polish a rock but no piece is perfect and no piece is an exact duplicate of another. Every single rock is unique like a human fingerprint and our
extraterrestrial cats only assist in enhancing the crystals uniqueness.

Do not shower with jewelry:

Water can tarnish the chains or damage coatings. Keep Cat Machine Gems in dry storage.

No Extreme activities:

Crystals are heavy and can be dangerous while doing extreme activities. Do not exercise, mosh pit, fist fight, run, wrestle, deep sea dive or anything else that may cause the crystal to move aggressively while wearing it. Crystals can injure you or someone else.


Crystals are delicate and must be looked over with the utmost care. Hang them or lay them in their own private bed.Give them room to breath while you are not wearing them. They need their own space so that they may not scratch or damage themselves or other items while they are in sleep mode.

Do not yank on chain:

Pulling on chain can cause the drilled eye pins to come out or cause links in the chain to break. Please be careful not to yank on your chain or let someone else. Chains will break when provoked.

Cat Hair:

If you happen to see in pictures or find in your order a cat hair do not be alarmed. We do our best to make sure every order is perfect but since the company is made up of extraterrestrial cats, every once in a while a piece of fur gets in a gem box or on a gem. It’s their way of giving you an extra little present.