Galaxy pound cake Donut


  1. Designer toy figurine shaped donut straight from the cosmos.

ALL Donuts look alike but not exactly identical cause they are handmade.

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♡Introducing our new designer toys. Kawaii shaped donut figurine♡Our extraterrestrial cats love desserts from earth so they created their own out of gems♡

Galena and crystal quartz sprinkles straight from the cosmos.

  1. Made by extraterrestrials
  2. Size: 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 ” wide
  3. Galaxy donut w/ multi-color pastel drippp with crystal quartz
  4. Comes with quartz sprinkles and crystal to display around your art piece
  5. Great gift for any occasion or for your personal collection
  6. Breakfast with Cat Machine Gems
  7. Collectors item
  8. Designer Toy
  9. $55.00
  10. 0.2 Lbs
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Additional information

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