Creator & Founder:

Catgirl Morales

Cat Machine Gems:
An international Gemstone brand by the creative crew of Catgirl Morales and Alejandro Zamora; founded by Catgirl in 2017. Their work is known for its vibrant colors and galactic themed gemstone cuts and for their gemstone cake sculptures. The brand began with using the life long work of Catgirl’s illustrations and creation of a crystal planet ruled by extraterrestrial cats. Bringing all the characters to life in the form of gems, she created a company for gem collectors. The brand is now a full line of gemstones, jewelry, sculptures, designer toys, collectible figurines, canvas paintings and Stickers of her art work. Starting out as an off the radar underground brand, their craftsmanship has earned them their creative reputation amongst jewelry designers for their preformed gem cuts and custom cutting service. They have done exhibition shows on the east coast and are competitive gem cutters competing in gem cutting competitions.

Creative Director:

Catgirl Morales

Co-creative director:

Alejandro Zamora

Catgirl Morales:
Being a California native, in 2005 she moved from San Francisco to NYC after she left the Academy of Art University where she studied fashion design and textiles. In 2007 while working in the NYC film industry/wardrobe departments she started to create her alien characters from her crystal planet. Making her own stencil stickers and textile patterns little by little her world of extraterrestrials was on its way. Years and years of building an entire world of illustrations it was finally time for them to come to life. In 2014 she began developing her brand of Gems. She had been training in gemstone cutting for a while at this point and decided this was going to be her career. Years of intense training, art exhibitions and unexpected gem sales, it was now time to launch the new company. In 2017 Cat Machine Gems launched itself into the gem industry attracting a cult following of crystal lovers, artists , sci- fi fans and collectors of designer toys. Her Characters and crystal planet graphics caught the eyes of anime lovers and street artists who quickly labeled the brand as ” The darker side of Kawaii ”

Alejandro Zamora:
A native of distrito federal (Mexico City), Alejandro relocated to the united states right before his 20’s. Having a long history of carpentry, he continued to develop his professional skills to perfection in the areas of architecture molding, wood design, hair stylist, NYC promoter for Night Life events, DJ and event installations. In 2014 he started to train as a gem cutter. Having already a highly skilled background he was familiar with industrial machines and gem cutting came natural. With his highly advanced abilities he quickly became the head cutter and co- creative director at Cat Machine Gems.

Art work & design:

All art work is done by Catgirl Morales.

Graphic Design:
Cat Machine is known for their graphic designs and they have become their main tool for marketing. All graphics are done by street artist/graphic designer @getnweird. He is a California based artist and also a childhood personal friend of Catgirl Morales. They attended Art school together and have become creative partners in Cat Machine graphic art work. He has taken Catgirl’s illustrations and turned them into graphics and bringing to life the crystal planet. He is a freelance graphic designer but holds a permanent residency in the Cat Machine company.

Our Values:
Design is our focus because everyone has a different view of what is attractive to them. At Cat Machine Gems we know how important originality and design is to each designer/Artist. Education never ends for us. As a company we are constantly educating and training ourselves on the most newest and innovative methods, styles and materials on the market. We bring to all of you designers/Artists our diverse options of design cuts to help you achieve your style goals that are out of this world.